Product introduction Rupture Discs (中文介紹) 製造商介紹

"As being the only manufacturer of Rupture Discs in Japan, V TEX receives acclaim on our design and manufacturing of high quality and high performance special valves."

For several years now, we have dedicated our efforts towards the development, manufacture and sales of high quality, high precision valves for specialized applications.

Further, as the only rupture disc manufacturer in Japan, we have played an important role in helping to maintain the safety of high pressure devices utilized at plants nationwide, through product design and manufacture at our domestic production bases.

Our product line-up that draws on our rich expertise in research and development accumulated over the period of many years, including an integrated production system covering processes from the design stage to the manufacture and pre-shipment inspection stage, as well as trials, utilization, and improvement of domestic and imported materials, have earned a reputation for their high reliability.

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Chinese introduction (中文介紹)

What is a rupture disc?

  • A rupture disc is a safety device that prevents potential damage due to overpressurization in pressure vessels, pipes, ducts and other vacuum equipment.
  • When the pressure in a vacuum equipment exceeds preset levels, the extremely thin metal plate 2 (disc) ruptures, to release the pressurized fluid and relieve internal pressure.
  • Commonly used safety devices employ spring loaded relief valves that close at a specified reseating pressure. Rupture discs, however, do not reseat and are frequently used instead of or in combination with spring loaded relief valves.
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